Fine Dining in Ottawa for the Gourmet Lover

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December 22, 2014

Fine Dining in Ottawa for the Gourmet Lover


Regardless of your budget, you really should reserve a few extra bucks for a gourmet meal at a fine dining establishment when you visit a place like Ottawa. There are plenty places to choose from with intimate atmospheres, candlelight, and food that you won’t encounter anywhere else.  If you’ve got big plans to have a romantic evening, propose to your girlfriend, or just want to have a nice dinner with your travel companions, check out these noteworthy fine dining venues in the city.


Le Meilleur Français

The most talked about fine dining in the whole city comes from a small place on St. Viateur called Les Deux Singes de Montarvie. They have an exquisite French menu with eye-popping plating that makes for a colorful and delightful dining experience enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Particularly of note are their Braised Garlic and Molasses Pork Belly and Bison Tartare starters while entrees like Veal Tenderloin Tataki and Duck Ravioli avec Creme de Foie Gras keep guests coming back for more and telling their friends for years to come. Finish the night off with an expertly chosen Riesling and some Lemon-Infused Panna Cotta  or Chocolate Ganache. You can also try out Bistro Duo.D, which is known for its boutique-style interior and Classic French cuisine. Guests recommend the Duck Confit, Escargots, and Coconut Curry Chicken and rave about the classic desserts like Pain Perdu and Creme Brulee. Smart, simple, and sophisticated.


Mediterranean Love

Ottawa is such a diverse culinary community, and if you’re into Greek food, you’ll be in love with Les 9 Muses on Bernard. This fine dining restaurant is designed with Greek flare that includes their stone Grecian murals and intimate seating. Visitors fall head over heels for the Grilled Octopus as well as their Saganaki, Calamari, and complimentary Hummus. If you’re after some Italian fine dining, you can move over to Rue de la Montagne and visit Il Campari Centro for good wine and divine gourmet Italian fare. Their large dining room and outdoor patio spaces can seat large groups as well as couples, and they really pay attention to the details from their gigantic wall of fine wines right down to the corked bottle of quality olive oil for drizzling over your dish or enjoying with some focaccia and balsamic vinegar before your entree arrives. Try out the Linguini with Clams or their Lamb Shank.


Gastronomic, Contemporary, and Fusion

If you’re more of an experimental foodie who loves fine dining that breaks new ground with every addition to the menu, Ottawa’s gastronomy gurus will welcome you in with open arms. Les 400 Coups is at the forefront of this type of cuisine in Ottawa. This fine dining experience is a little hidden from the cluster of restaurants in Downtown Ottawa, and is nestled on the edge of Old Ottawa. Their grand front windows and extraordinarily high ceilings enhance the mood in the restaurant. Their outstanding use of chemistry makes for a very unique experience where you can enjoy dishes that include gourmet marvels like Arctic Char and desserts made with liquid nitrogen for a fresh pop of flavor that gets lost with freezing desserts the traditional way. Another great place to try something a little out of the ordinary is Bouillon Bilk on St. Laurent. Delightful Amuse-Bouche that includes sea urchin, desserts like the Grapefruit Gelée with White Chocolate Mousse and mains such as scallops and paper-thin beef carpaccio are the highlights at this experimental gem with rustic tabletops and interior brick work.


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