Hesitating between the Old Port and Downtown for your Ottawa accommodation? Why not do both!

Luxury furnished apartment with great city view
October 20, 2014

Hesitating between the Old Port and Downtown for your Ottawa accommodation? Why not do both!

We wouldn’t blame you for being torn between these two great neighborhoods – The Old port is full of European charm and history, great restaurants, and a waterfront path perfect for whiling away a Summer Sunday or brisk walks on crisp Fall evenings.


Downtown however, is where all the action is – festivals, concerts, theatre, shopping  – and, if you’re on a business trip, this is probably where you’ll be having meetings and drinks. It’s the core of the city, where you can jump on the metro and connect with all of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods and sights, and the major galleries and museums are right on your doorstep.


So, when it comes to deciding between them, we thought we’d spare you having to choose, and offer you a collection of luxury apartments located right in the middle of the two fantastic neighborhoods. 1009 Bleury, or “le Mille Neuf” is perfectly placed: a few steps to the south you’ve got cobblestone streets, the famous Notre Dame basilica, and some of the city’s finest bars and brasseries. A short walk to the north, and you’ll be right in the middle of Quartier des Spectacles – our festival square – and Place des Arts, home of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, ballet, and numerous theatre, dance and music performances. You’re also super close to St. Catherine, the main thoroughfare for shopping, where you can browse the high street stores and malls all weekend.


Aside from the luxurious, modern apartments, the building itself has all the amenities you’ll need for an unforgettable stay, including indoor parking, outdoor pool, and fitness facilities, and you’re right next to two metro stations for easy transport anywhere in the city.


So why choose one neighborhood when you can have both? The best trips really are all about location, location, location!

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